Let's go take a walk . . .
Tamara Tobias

Other chapters include:

  • A Look at Cysts, Polyps, Fibroids, and Other Abnormalities
  • Treatment Options
  • When Your Pregnancy Test is Positive
  • Taking One Day at a Time

The fertility journey is not easy, especially when the path isn't clearly marked. Tamara took many long hikes along her own fertility journey which is why she wrote this book through the analogy of a walk. Fertility walk serves as a walking tool and it guides patients and couples through the fertility process. 

This book is a starting point for those beginning the fertility journey. Working with so many patients and couples who have struggled with infertility, Tamara wants to tell patients and couples that there is HOPE.  Chapters in her book use many ultrasound images to help explain procedures.  There are also "Trailhead Tips" throughout which are actually nurse tips to questions she so frequently hears in practice. Lastly, "Rest stops" are included as a journal section at the end of each chapter, because it is so valuable to stop and take a breath, to see how far you've come. 
Truly a labor of love, proceeds from this book benefit Fertility Walk Hope Fund, a non-profit organization Tamara developed to provide grants to those who need fertility treatment but are financially restricted. 

To learn more about Fertility Walk Hope Fund, please visit: fertilitywalk.com 
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Female Anatomy
Instead of a map and a compass, we'll use physiology to find our way through the unfamiliar territory of the female anatomy through ultrasound. Ultrasound images and descriptions will include:
  • Normal cervix, uterus, fundus, fallopian tubes, and more
  • Abnormal variations of the above and how they may be affecting your fertility
  • Treatment options in response to these abnormalities

Fertility Walk ~ Fertility Book Series

Chapter Preview

Understanding the Menstrual Cycle
The pelvic structures undergo cyclic, physiologic changes that can be observed and followed on ultrasound.

The menstrual cycle is divided into four stages:
  • Menses
  • ​Follicular or proliferative phase
  • ​Ovulation
  • Luteal or secretory phase

Rest stop and regroup

This journey may reach different levels for everyone. It's okay to stop and take a breath. We've included a journal section at the end of each chapter for you to pause and see how far you've come. Take notes along the way and be sure to bring this book to your next office visit with your provider to share what you've learned and get answers to your questions. 

Tamara Tobias, ARNP

Fertility Walk

Fertility Walk: A Fertility Nurse's Guide Along Your Journey

What to Expect at Your Fertility Consultation
Understanding the process and knowing what to expect will help you feel more prepared and ready to start your journey with confidence.

First steps include: 
  • Initial consultation with your provider
  • Fertility evaluation , blood work and ultrasounds 
  • Follow-up to review results and develop your individualized treatment plan